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About us.

Welcome to Newport Developments and Management Corp. where tradition meets innovation in the world of construction. With a rich legacy spanning four decades, we take immense pride in our journey of excellence. Having been in this industry for many seasons, we have been shaping skylines, crafting landmarks, and building lasting relationships since our inception. As a revered boutique developer, we engage in the seamless execution of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our enduring commitment to excellence is exemplified by the combined expertise spanning two family generations. At Newport, we meticulously navigate every phase of our projects, collaborating with a premier team of design professionals and industry experts across southern Ontario. Presently, we are unveiling a compelling series of innovative niche infill projects strategically positioned within the vibrant landscape of the City of Toronto and GTA. 



Anthony Cipriani

With a profound dedication to the artistry of construction and a wealth of experience shaping architectural landscapes, Anthony Cipriani emerges as a seasoned visionary in the realm of construction and development. Over the course of an illustrious career spanning several decades, he has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and excellence in every facet of the construction industry. 


Newport Developments, his most recent, falls under the Cipriani family Group of Companies. After attending York University for his Bachelors of Administrative Studies, Anthony took his first steps in the construction industry. His drive and passion was strong from the start leading him to great success. Anthony has previously acted as Director of High Rise Construction and after successfully carrying out large construction projects he then won the Ontario Home Builders Association Award for Multi Townhouse Development in East York. Anthony Cipriani has left an indelible mark on the built environment, earning recognition as a true luminary in the field.

Domenic Cipriani
Vice President

Domenic Cipriani stands as a promising force within the construction industry, seamlessly blending heritage with innovation. Domenic, having graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelors in Sociology, choosing to walk in the footsteps of his father, Anthony Cipriani, is not merely following a family legacy; he is shaping it. Side by side with his seasoned mentor, Domenic's journey is characterized by a unique synergy of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary vision. As a dynamic duo, father and son forge ahead, imprinting their mark on the construction landscape. 

Construction Site
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